Ages 55 and Up

Medical technology is improving rapidly, lengthening our lives and increasing opportunities for a comfortable lifestyle. Vision correction surgery has advanced greatly as well and medical companies are continually increasing their efforts to provide clear comfortable vision to people of all ages.

While LASIK has been performed on patients over 90 years of age, in most case other vision correcting procedures can provide more satisfying vision.

Every year new advances in medical technology are approved to help provide clear comfortable vision. These new treatments are most apparent for the age group of people ages 55 years and up. We are happy to meet with you about these new treatments and provide you an explanation about the risks and benefits that they can provide.

Here are some vision correction surgeries available at Turner Eye Institute:

Please consult with our team of refractive surgery counselors for more information and to schedule a one on one consultation to determine which is best for you personally.

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