Advantages to Thin Flap LASIK

Many recent studies for laser eye surgery have concluded that thinner flaps provide improved results.  Improved results for laser eye surgery include faster recovery time, better visual acuity, fewer complications, and higher level of safety.  Dr. Turner’s patented thin flap lasik provides for flaps that can be a 50% improvement over the flaps made by other surgeons using a conventional microkeratome.  Thin Flap LASIK provides for a flap that is even thinner than what is provided by the intralase bladeless LASIK platform.

How does a thinner flap improve results?  First of all, thinner flaps results in a more stable foundation.  This prevents shifts in prescription following LASIK surgery and can help avoid complications such as ectasia, which result when the cornea has been thinned beyond an appropriate level of safety.

Second, thinner flaps provide a greater level of accuracy.  LASIK has reached an unprecedented level of accuracy with the newest wavefront custom LASIK excimer laser systems.  These custom wavefront LASIK treatments provide exact measurements for hundreds of points across the cornea.  While this type of laser eye treatment is highly accurate, surgeons who create a thick flap often dull the accuracy of the custom wavefront laser eye surgery treatment.  Imagine providing a very accurate laser treatment and then placing a very thick layer of tissue over top of it that nullifies the exactness of the treatment itself.  Dr. Turner’s thin flap lasik allows wavefront custom lasik to maintain greater accuracy than conventional lasik.

Thirdly, conventional LASIK often creates problems such as dry eye and haloes.  This partially results when the LASIK microkeratome cuts a deep flap.  Thin flap LASIK provides a much shallower flap and therefore does not cause as much damage to the corneal nerves.  The nerves as a result heal faster and allow for a swifter recovery time.  Thin flap LASIK can provide good vision almost immediately with less down time.

Dr. Turner is the only Bay Area LASIK surgeon to provide thin flap LASIK to San Francisco and San Jose residents.  Dr. Turner has 4 locations throughout the Bay Area in San Jose, Concord, San Francisco, and San Leandro.

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In some cases, such as keratoconus, laser eye surgery is not the best choice for a Bay Area resident.  Dr. Turner provides intac surgery which helps to strengthen the cornea in keratoconus patients in the Bay Area.  In these cases, laser eye surgery is simply not a good option.

Dr. Turner was the first San Francisco Bay Area surgeon to provide Crystalens, Visian, and Wavefront Thin Flap LASIK as well as other forms of laser eye surgery.  Dr. Turner is a pioneer in the field of laser eye surgery and often introduces new laser eye surgery techniques and technology to the Bay Area.

If you are interested in laser eye surgery in the Bay Area, please contact one of our laser eye surgery coordinators at 1-800-339-2733.  Dr. Turner provides laser eye surgery at 4 different Bay Area locations, serving San Leandro (between Oakland and Hayward), Concord (next to Walnut Creek), San Francisco, and San Jose.  Each of the four locations provides the highest level of quality in laser eye surgery in the Bay Area.  Dr. Turner’s experience, skill, and technology are well-respected throughout the Bay Area and he is sought out for his excellent results in the field of laser eye surgery.