Best of San Leandro and Hayward – LASIK Vision Correction and Best Doctor

Best of Hayward and San Leandro in LASIK Laser Vision Correction and Best Doctor


Thousands of Hayward, San Leandro, and East Bay residents voted Turner Eye Institute the Best of the East Bay Area according to the Hayward and San Leandro Daily Review in the recent Best of the Bay Area voting in the East Bay.  Turner Eye Institute won in the category of Best in the East Bay in Vision Correction.  Turner Eye Institute provides LASIK and laser vision correction in addition to various other forms of vision correction, including Crystalens, Restor, ReZoom, Visian, Intacs, and Verisyse.  Hundreds of patients from Hayward and San Leandro have had their vision corrected through LASIK by Dr. Stephen Turner.

In addition to winning the category of Best in Laser Vision Correction in Hayward and San Leandro by the Daily Review Newspaper, Dr. Stephen Turner won in the category of Best Doctor / Physician.  Dr. Stephen Turner received the most votes among Hayward and San Leandro residents and Daily Review readers and was awarded Best of the Bay Area by the Hayward Daily Review.

Turner Eye Institute is very pleased with these awards and is honored that Bay Area residents and Hayward and San Leandro residents would honor both the center and Dr. Turner personally.  Turner Eye Institute has been serving the Bay Area residents and the residents of Hayward and San Leandro, California for 30 years and is celebrating its 30th anniversary as a favorite eye care provider for San Francisco Bay Area and Hayward and San Leandro residents.

If you are from Hayward, San Leandro or the East Bay Area and are interested in LASIK or other Vision Correction surgery.  Please contact one of our LASIK counselors.  We are eager to provide the best of vision correction in the East Bay, Hayward, and San Leandro.

Turner Eye Institute has been located in San Leandro for over 30 years, serving the community and providing the highest level of vision care. 


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