What can TEI provide the other San Jose LASIK Centers Can’t?


San Jose LASIK


Turner Eye Institute constant updates its technology to provde the best treatment available in San Jose.  While there are many choices to provide different forms of LASIK eye treatments, Turner Eye Institute remains the leader in refractive vision treatments.

 At our San Jose LASIK Center, we offer the newest in wavefront and iris registration.  These advances provided a high level of accuracy, precision, and safety.  We also have access to Intralase, a method of flap creation that is bladeless.  We can also provide Epi-LASEK, wavefront LASIK, PRK, and TF LASIK.  The method that is best for you, depends upon the specific measurements and structure of your own unique eyes.  No one method is better than another for everyone.

Dr. Turner is the first and only LASIK surgeon to provide Visian implantable contact lenses.  Unlike LASIK, these lenses do not require any thinning of the cornea and do not effect the shape or integrity of the cornea substantially.  Visian lenses can be used in cases of high prescriptions, thin corneas, irregular corneas, dry eyes, or other cases in which LASIK is not considered to be a safe or effective option.  Studies show that patients undergoing Visian treatment have less glare and better quality of vision than those with a similar prescription who underwent LASIK.

Since Doctor Turner is the only Bay Area surgeon who provides the visian treatment for residents of San Jose, San Francisco, East Bay, and Contra Costa County, it is important for people to have a screening to see if Visian is a better option for them than LASIK.  Without this information, it is possible that some patients will undergo LASIK when there is a better option for them.

If you are from San Jose or elsewhere in the Bay Area and are interested in LASIK, come visit us for a free screening for LASIK and Visian.  Dr. Turner is approved to perform a wide range of FDA approved treatments and is the best choice to offer you the form of vision correction that is right for you. 

A LASIK surgeon who only performs LASIK surgery and nothing else cannot offer you Crystalens, Visian, ReStor, IntraLase, ReZoom, Verisyse, or Cataract surgery if these are better choices for you and your lifestyle.  Make certain that you see a LASIK surgeon who is also a specialist in a wide variety of FDA approved procedures.  In San Jose, Dr. Turner is the only LASIK surgeon who offers all of the other choices.

Email Turner Eye Institute at info@turnereye.com or call us at 1-800-339-2733.  Our LASIK counselors can set up a screening appointment to provide you with a better understanding of all your options. 

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