Patient Reviews

What a pleasant experience at the Turner Eye Institute! Initially, I wasn't sure that I was a candidate for Lasik because I had an astigmatism. The informative staff explained all of the available procedures, including the procedure for astigmatism. They did a great job informing me of the pros and cons of the surgery as well as alternatives. The actual procedure itself was quick and easy, but I never felt rushed. Waking up in morning after the surgery and not having to reach for my glasses to watch the news was so nice. That day I was back on the court working out players. I was also able to spend some time on my laptop working on the Warrior's playbook for the season. I am looking forward to working on the court without fearing that my glasses will get knocked off! Thank you so much for everything! A twenty minute procedure has changed my life. I can see!

Stephen Silas


Lee Hickinbotham Jr., park ranger and satisfied LASIK patient

As a park ranger, I am in the field ninety percent of the time. I was constantly taking off my glasses and putting on sunglasses every time I left the office. I had tried transitional lenses, but since the windshield of my patrol vehicle is UV protected, my lenses wouldn’t darken.

I had also tried to wear contact lenses but I had dry eyes and a better part of my day was spent putting in re-wetting drops. I was often forced to remove my contacts at night because I would get the star effect whenever there were lights around. Wearing my glasses hindered my peripheral vision, so that was a safety issue if I would have had a law enforcement contact go bad. While playing softball on the city league at nights, I struggled to see the ball against the glare of the lights.

LASIK has made my life so much better. Thank you so much to Dr. Stephen Turner and Turner Eye Institute.

Thank you sincerely,
Lee Hickinbotham Jr., Campbell, California


"Dr. Turner implanted lenses into my eyes. It's been about 1 year and I can see perfectly! My boyfriend teases me about having Bionic eyes."

April Sommers, Star 101.3 Morning Show DJ


"I was legally blind, needing corrective lenses to operate and automobile. After surgery it has been terrific. Now I can see the world, and it didn't hurt. It was painless!"

Melanie Morgan, KSFO Radio Personality


"I've been wearing glasses since I was 15 years old. 24 hours after the LASIK surgery my vision was 20/15!"

Stehane Matteau, NHL Hockey Star - San Jose Sharks


"I had headaches from astigmatism my whole life. Now, with LASIK, the headaches are gone and I can broadcast a 49er game without glasses!"

Joe Starkey, KGO Sports Director - "Voice of the 49ers"


"Thanks to Dr. Turner, I haven't been able to see this well since third grade!"

Art Howe, Past General Manager - Professional Baseball Teams, Including New York Mets


"If you could use one word to describe this, it would be 'amazing'. You won't believe it until you have it done!"

Tom Tolbert, Former Golden State Warrior - KNBR Personality - NBC Basketball Analyst


"I can see...I can SEE! I had the Crystalens procedure only 3 months ago and my far vision is 20/20 - It's a miracle!"

Maria Kaye, Owner, You Name It - Promotions in Oakland


"LASIK has changed my everyday life. Scratched lenses, broken frames...those are the worries of the past; thanks to Dr. Turner!"

Robert Buan, Oakland Baseball Announcer/Broadcaster


Turner Eye Institute is regularly chosen for television and radio broadcasts for featuring new technology and advanced surgical treatments.  As a pioneer in eye and vision treatments, Dr. Turner has been interviewed for numerous well-known programs.

Turner Eye Institute has been featured on Best of the Bay for excellence and innovation in the San Francisco Bay Area:

Keratoconus Patient Videos

Jacoby Ford returning a kickoff for 99 yards.

Jacoby Ford at Turner Eye Institute.


Turner Eye Institute has LASIK Centers in San Jose, San Leandro, San Francisco, and Concord.  In addition to LASIK, Turner Eye Institute offers a variety of treatments to custom fit each patient.  While LASIK is generally very effective at treating near-sightedness (myopia), far-sightedness (hyperopia), and astigmatism.  For some patients, there are better therapeutic options that would provide greater satisfaction.

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