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Visian ICL Reaches 50,000 Mark

Internationally, the Visian lens has now been used in over 50,000 cases in Europe, Asia, North and South America. The new Visian lens has proven itself to be effective and can be the first choice over LASIK in many cases. Visian ICL is selected over LASIK in cases of high myopia (near-sightedness), severe dryness, thin corneas, irregular shaped corneas, or cases where LASIK would cause a high risk of glare or haloes.

Turner Eye Institute was the first LASIK center in Northern California to provide the new Visian ICL and is nearing its 50th case since the FDA approved the Visian ICL lens as being safe and effective. As of this date, no other surgeon in the San Francisco Bay Area offers this treatment, including Oakland, San Jose, South Bay, San Francisco, Concord, and Walnut Creek.

Currently, there are only 125 doctors certified to perform this procedure through the USA. There are more than 1,000 that are planning on becoming certified. Dr. Stephen Turner offers his experience and skill in performing both LASIK and cataract surgeries and is a corneal specialist. With these qualifications, he has been performing Visian treatments since its FDA approval and has had overall excellent results with no significant complications.

San Jose patients are also finding that Dr. Turner’s expertise in perfoming the advanced procedure has been beneficial in providing clear and useful vision. More and more San Jose residents are hearing about this remarkable state-of-the-art Visian procedure. Approved for prescriptions from -3.00 to -20.00, Visian can treat a much greater range of prescriptions than is currently available with LASIK.

If you are interested in learning more about LASIK or Visian treatment, please contact the refractive surgery counselors at Turner Eye Institute.