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Increased Interest in Implantable Contact Lenses – Visian ICL

The recently FDA approved Visian ICL is beginning to be recognized for its significant contribution to vision correction. While PRK and LASIK have grown very popular over the last 10 years, these methods have limitations on the amount of prescription that they can correct. Eye dryness, thin corneas, large prescriptions and large pupils can all decrease the effectiveness and the results of LASIK and PRK.

Visian ICL corrective surgery has a much larger range of effective treatments and is not as limited as LASIK is by pupil size, corneal thickness, or eye dryness. In fact, the Visian ICL can correct up to -20.00 Diopters, twice as high as many of the excimer lasers that are available.

Patients in the higher ranges of correction will find that the results of the Visian ICL can be more effective than that of LASIK eye surgery. Visian results in fast recovery and vision that does not have signioficantly reduced contrast sensitivity. LASIK can lead to reduced contrast sensitivity, especially in higher prescriptions.