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Iris Registration for LASIK Eye Surgery

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San Jose, San Francisco, San Leandro, and Concord now have the newest in LASIK eye surgery technology. Turner Eye Institute utilizes the first iris-based, automated method for aligning and registering wavefront correction. Obtaining this technology allows residents of San Jose, San Francisco, San Leandro, and Concord to add more precision to the wavefront LASIK procedure.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently approved the iris registration technology for use with wavefront LASIK and conventional LASIK. This is the first iris-based, automated, non-contact method of aligning and registering wavefront corrections for wavefront LASIK treatments. This wavefront LASIK enhancement is available at all Turner Eye Institute locations (San Jose, San Leandro, San Francisco, and Concord). Iris Registration adjusts the laser ablation to compensate for any cyclotorsional movement and/or pupil migration that occurs when the patient goes from the upright to the supine position.

According to Stephen Turner, M.D., of Turner Eye Institute, “The Iris Registration enhances the accuracy and precision for Wavefront LASIK treatments. By matching any cyclotorsional rotation of the eye, Iris Registration can therefore provide customized treatments that further benefit the patient. This can be used in conjunction with Wavefront LASIK to improve the final results of laser vision correction. This new advanced wavefront LASIK technology is exciting as it provides an additional layer of safety and precision for our Wavefront LASIK patients.”

Wavefront LASIK is now able to reach a greater number of patients than ever before. Near-sightedness, far-sightedness, and astigmatism are all able to be corrected through wavefront LASIK. It is a very safe and effective treatment. LASIK and laser vision correction have been performed successfully on millions of patients worldwide.