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Bay Area Keratoconus Web Site Complete

Keratoconus is an eye disease that effects roughly one in a thousand people. While it is rare, people who are affected can feel that they are helpless against the progression of the diesease. It cause a gradual loss of vision as the cornea thins and weakens. Vision becomes distorted and often untreatable with either glasses or contact lenses.

Dr. Stephen Turner is an expert in corneal treatments and has extensive experience in treating and repairing damaged and weakened corneas. While people with keratoconus cannot have LASIK treatment, there are other options which are available that can help people suffering from keratoconus.

A new web site,, is available to answer people’s questions about keratoconus. This web site can provide valuable information. Even more importantly, Dr. Stephen Turner can provide a detailed examination to determine the best method for helping deal with your keratoconus. Please browse through the pages and find added information on dealing with keratoconus.

If you or someone you know is suffering the effects of keratoconus call Turner Eye Institute at 1-800-339-2733. One of our trained counselors can help you set up an examination with a trained expert in keratoconus. You can also make an appointment through the web site or email us at