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What’s New in San Jose LASIK

San Jose LASIK Centers are among the most advanced in the world. Among the best of these LASIK centers is Turner Eye Institute. New advances in the LASIK technology that are being used by Turner Eye Institute in San Jose include Iris Registration and Custom Wavefront LASIK. In addition to these technologies, San Jose residents can also perform pre-operative testing at the LASIK Center in San Jose for Visian, Crystalens, and other advanced procedures.

During Iris Registration, the wavefront device creates a map of the iris. This iris map is then utilized by the laser in order to improve centration and improve the accuracy of the treatment. If the eye rotates, then the entire treatment is rotated to match it correctly. This is especially important for people with astigmatism or other aberrations that can be misaligned.

Wavefront LASIK measures an eye’s optical aberrations to a higher level of detail than was possible previously. In addition to near-sightedness, far-sightedness, and astigmatism, we can now measure and correct other aberrations that affect vision. Also known as custom LASIK, wavefront LASIK has a possibility of correcting vision to be better than with contact lenses or glasses. In San Jose, Wavefront LASIK provides the best opportunity for excellent vision with contact lenses or glasses.

San Jose residents can also consider other surgeries beside LASIK or other laser vision correction. Dr. Turner offers treatments for cataracts as well as problems with reading or even high prescriptions that are not considered to be good LASIK candidates. Dr. Turner is the only surgeon in San Jose who performs the Visian implantable contact lens. The visian ICL lens can correct prescriptions that are outside the range of LASIK and in some cases provides better vision than LASIK for certain patients.

If you are a San Jose resident interested in LASIK, contact Turner Eye Institute through their web site or by telephone. While San Jose LASIK Centers can offer many of the same services as Turner Eye Institute, no San Jose LASIK surgeon has the experience, results, and specialized care that Dr. Turner provides.