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LASIK at 4 Locations – San Jose, San Francisco, Concord, and San Leandro

Turner Eye Institute is celebrating its 30th year in providing excellent eye care. During this time, Dr. Turner has introduced a number of exciting new procedures to the San Francisco Bay Area. From LASIK to Crystalens to Visian to Intacs, the advanced procedures that are offered at Turner Eye Institute can help eliminate the need for glasses in a wide variety of candidates.

Turner Eye Institute began in San Leandro. While located in the East Bay just south of Oakland, TEI served patients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Throughout the years, Turner EYe Institute has remained at the forefront of refractive technology, offering the newest procedures the Bay Area residents.

Over the past 30 years, Turner Eye Institute has expanded to centers throughout the bay area in an effort to provide the best eye treatment along with increased convenience to patients in San Jose, San Francisco, and Concord (including Walnut Creek and other Contra Costa County locations). By expanding to the other centers in the Bay Area, Dr. Turner could provide a higher level of convenience to patients in those areas.

Currently, Dr. Turner is the only surgeon in the bay area to provide LASIK, Crystalens, Visian, and Intacs. Whether you are in San Jose, San Leandro, Oakland, SAn Francisco, or Concord, there is no other surgeon available to provide all three of these advanced treatments.

Visian Lens 3D.thumbnail

Turner Eye Institute is the only LASIK surgery provider in

San Jose, San Francisco, San Leandro, and Oakland to

provide Visian, Crystalens, Intacs, and Wavefront LASIK