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Recent Advances in Vision Correction


Turner Eye Institute Medical Group

Dr. Stephen Turner has been performing vision correction procedures for 30 years and is one of the pioneers for LASIK and laser vision correction. Dr. Turner’s experience is the main reason that thousands of San Francisco Bay Area and San Jose residents have chosen Turner Eye Institute for vision correction.Turner Eye Institute constantly remains at the forefront in LASIK and vision correction technology. Here are a few of the recent technology advancements that are available to the San Francisco Bay Area through Turner Eye Institute

Wavefront LASIK – This advanced technology is advised in almost every case. Wavefront LASIK provides a higher level of treatment accuracy not available with conventional LASIK treatment.

  1. Iris Registration – Eye alignment and rotation are tracked with extreme accuracy. This upgrade is very important in cases of astigmatism or when using wavefront LASIK.
  2. Thin-Flap LASIKsm – Using specialized instruments, Dr. Turner has developed a method that improves the safety and quality of vision of LASIK surgery. Thin-Flap LASIKsm is only available at Turner Eye Institute.
  3. Intralase – A laser is used to create the flap with no blade necessary. This procedure increases the safety level of LASIK for some patients. Depending on eyeglasses prescription, corneal curvature, and other eye measurements, Dr. Turner will recommend that some patients undergo Intralase as a better option to standard LASIK.
  4. Visian ICL (Implantable Contact Lens) – Not everyone is a good candidate for LASIK. People with high amounts of near-sightedness, irregular corneas, thin corneas, or severe dryness cannot undergo LASIK. Many of these patients are still excellent candidates for the Visian ICL. Dr. Turner is the only LASIK surgeon in the San Francisco Bay Area including San Jose who is certified to perform this procedure.
  5. Crystalens, ReStor, and Rezoom – These intra-ocular lenses (IOLs) allow for vision at both distance and near. Patients can often read a newspaper without reading glasses or bifocals. These are most often used for patients with cataracts.
  6. Intacs – Patients with keratoconus can find their vision improved greatly by adding corneal stability with the aid of corneal Intacs. For more information about these or any other FDA approved vision correction treatment, call Turner Eye Institute at 1-800-339-2733 or make an appointment online.