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LASIK vs Epi-K

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There is now a new option for patients in San Jose and San Francisco who are seeking LASIK eye surgery. It is called Epi-K and is available at Turner Eye Institute for people who are not ideal candidates for LASIK eye surgery.

In standard LASIK, a microkeratome is used to create a flap prior to laser ablation. In patients with thin corneas or high prescriptions, it can be dangerous to create a thick flap that utilizes extra tissue. The Epi-K can be ideal for some of these patients who are not good candidates for LASIK. While Turner Eye Institute already creates thinner and safer flaps than other LASIK centers, in some cases it is still advantageous to create a flap using only the epithelial layer.

The Epi-K is utilized to mechanically separate the epithelium from Bowman’s membrane. The epithelial flap is then folded back prior to laser ablation, and subsequently returned to its original position. The procedure preserves the structural integrity of the stroma, minimizes discomfort, shortens the length of visual recovery, and reduces the incidence of haze associated with other surface ablation procedures, such as PRK and LASEK.

In rigorous clinical trials at 13 sites in nine countries on over 500 eyes, the Epi-K achieved excellent results. All clinical investigators reported that the device produced very high quality epithelial flaps and that postoperative pain and visual recovery compared favorably with other surface ablation procedures. 88% of patients indicated they could return to work within three days following surgery.

Turner Eye Institute is making the Epi-K available at all its locations in San Jose, San Francisco, Concord, and San Leandro. Patients from San Jose, San Francisco, and all bay area locations can expect the most advanced technology in the hands of an experienced LASIK surgeon. Dr. Turner has performed over 30,000 LASIK and other laser vision correction procedures.