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Visian Update

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With the Visian (ICL) and the Verisyse Dr. Turner has now implanted well over 200 phakic intraocular (IOL) lenses for San Francisco, San Jose, and Bay Area residents. The results have been excellent with nearly all eye surgery patients experiencing an improvement of at least one line of visual acuity compared to glasses or contact lenses. Our selection criteria for bay area residents has been to implant these lenses in patients with thin corneas, high near-sighted prescriptions, patients with atypical corneal topography or a combination of any of the above. Most of these patients are considered to be poor candidates for LASIK eye surgery.

Patients with high amounts of nearsightedness generally report better quality of vision with less or no loss of contrast sensitivity with these phakic IOL’s compared with LASIK. Because LASIK causes a change in the corneal shape and thins the cornea, effects such as glare, loss of contrast, and increase in optical aberrations are more likely than with Visian implantable contact lenses.

If you are interested in being evaluated for LASIK or Visian ICL (Implantable Contact Lenses) and are residents of San Francisco, San Jose, the Bay Area, or Northern California contact Turner Eye Institute. We have LASIK and refractive counselors available to discuss your options with you and schedule you for a free LASIK screening to determine if you are a candidate ofr LASIK or some other refractive eye surgery procedure.