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Keratoconus in San Jose

Keratoconus Treatments require a trained corneal specialist with a high degree of experience. San Jose patients seeking to consult with a corneal specialist about keratoconus are frequently referred by other eye doctors to Dr. Stephen Turner. Dr. Turner is recognized as a top surgeon in the San Francisco Bay Area and San Jose and is frequently chosen by optometrists as the best selection for patients struggling with corneal problems such as keratoconus.
Dr. Turner has performed well over a hundred procedures on San Jose residents to improve keratoconus, using the intacs frequently to strengthen to cornea and improve stability. The results have been very promising and have given new hope to many San Jose patients with keratoconus who felt that they were doomed to poor vision without any alternatives. Dr. Turner’s experience in performing these treatments are further backed by 30 years of medical and ophthalmology experience, specializing in cornea and eye care.

Dr. Turner received specialty training at some of the most recognized eye surgical centers in the world:

  • University of California Medical Center in San Francisco, California, USA
  • Saint John’s Ophthalmic Hospital in Jerusalem, Israel
  • Moorfield Eye Hospital in London, England

While keratoconus is not extremely common, with millions of San Francisco Bay Area residents and millions of San Jose residents, it can be expected that hundreds if not thousands of people are suffering from the effects of keratoconus. If you live in Northern California, San Jose, or the San Francisco Bay Area, contact Turner Eye Institute. We can provide you with a complete examination to assess the cornea and determine the best treatment for your eyes.

Turner Eye Institute has offices throughout the San Francisco Bay Area that serve residents of San Jose, San Francisco, Oakland, San Leandro, Hayward, Concord, Walnut Creek, and other Bay Area cities. If you are a San Jose who has been diagnosed with keratoconus are suspects keratoconus, please contact Turner Eye institute. We can provide you with a comprehensive eye exam to evaluate your condition and recommend the best possible keratoconus treatment.

Patients with keratoconus are considered to be poor candidates for LASIK. Because LASIK can thin the cornea, it is considered to be inappropriate to a patient who is suspected of having keratoconus or who has been diagnosed with keratoconus. While LASIK eye surgery is not an option for a San Jose patient who has been diagnosed with keratoconus, there are treatments for keratoconus that have been found to be effective. If you are located in San Jose, San Francisco, Oakland, Walnut Creek, or other San Francisco Bay Area location, contact Turner Eye Institute for further help in treating keratoconus.