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Independent LASIK Centers vs LASIK Chains

Many people have heard of LASIK Plus or TLC LASIK Vision Centers or Clearly LASIK. These are LASIK centers have spread across the US. In other areas of the world Optimax or Vista or other LASIK Center chains are equally well represents. In England, Boots even attempted to set up its own chain of LASIK Centers. The question is which is better LASIK chains or independent LASIK centers. The answer is that the quality of LASIK depends upon the LASIK surgeon, the LASIK equipment, and the service provided at the center.

What does this mean in the question about the quality of independent LASIK centers and LASIK chains? Well, it depends upon the quality of the surgeon and the quality of the equipment at the LASIK chain. Historically, independent LASIK centers have had the more experienced surgeons. Since LASIK chains, like TLC and LASIK Plus, appeared later and often relied upon low prices to compete, they were forced to utilize LASIK doctors who had less experience and were willing to accept a lower pay per surgery in order to have a greater number of LASIK patients.

At the same time TLC and LASIK plus and other LASIK chains bring with them standards and regulations which can be applied to all of their LASIK centers. If they find that certain equipment or certain protocol or certain standards improve the results of surgery, they can certainly apply those LASIK standards to all of the clinics within their domain. This would conceivably improve the treatment results at all of their centers.

Independent LASIK centers could also apply similar standards but they would not be involved in a corporate entity which required conformity. Independent LASIK centers, on the other hand, could have more ability to adapt to unique situations within their geography or unique to their patient base.

In summary, neither independent LASIK centers nor LASIK chains should be sought based solely upon that criteria. There can be excellent centers within a LASIK chain and excellent centers that are independently owned. It is more important to seek out the excellent LASIK surgeons using the most advanced LASIK technology and providing the top patient care. This is most important in seeking excellent LASIK results.

Turner Eye Institute is not currently affiliated with any LASIK chains. Turner Eye Institute is not affiliated with LASIK Plus or TLC LASIK Centers at this time. Turner EYe Institute is independently owned by Dr. Stephen Turner who personally performs all LASIK procedures at the LASIK centers in San Leandro, San Francisco, San Jose, and Concord. Dr. Stephen Turner is a long time resident of the San Francisco Bay Area and has been performing refractive surgery procedures for 30 years. Dr. Turner was one of the original FDA investigators for LASIK laser vision correction and has been performing laser vision correction since it was adopted as safe and effeective by the USFDA.

If you are a San Francisco Bay Area resident living in Oakland, San Jose, San Francisco, Concord, Walnut Creek, San Leandro, Hayward, Pleasanton, Fremont, or other San Francisco Bay Area location and are interested in LASIK or laser vision correction please contact Turner Eye Institute. Our LASIK and refractive counselors are happy to assist you and provide the highest in patient care and satisfaction.