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To Our Valued Patients,

With the evolving situation of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and under the guidelines of the Health Officer of the Alameda and Contra-Costa Counties, our offices are open to provide eye and vision care.

Please keep in mind that in order to maintain social distancing protocols and to limit further transmission of the virus, we will be working with a reduced staff and seeing a fewer number of patients as compared to our “normal” schedule. Priority will be given to the most urgent medical cases. We will be implementing a number of measures (including altered check-in/check-out procedures, limiting the number of patients in the office and waiting room, face covering for all persons, temperature screening, etc) that will change your experience in the office. In addition, we will be ramping up our already strict disinfection policies and we will continue to monitor and abide by all local, state and, federal guidelines. Please bear with us through this new reality as these changes are designed to protect you and our staff.

We hope to see you soon and appreciate your trust in us to continue to meet your eye care needs. Stay safe and stay healthy!

The Turner Eye Institute Team

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Visian ICL is providing new options for highly myopic eyes


STAAR® Surgical Company’s Visian ICL

Experience Vision As It Should Be
Imagine being able to enjoy life without worrying about your glasses or contacts. The Visian ICL (Implantable Collamer Lens) by STAAR®Surgical Company offers you freedom from nearsightedness. With the Visian ICL, you could enjoy the beauty of a sunset, go snorkeling and observe amazing sea life, see a friend’s smile from across the room, or simply sit anywhere in a movie theater without having to fuss with glasses or contacts.

Find Out What Our Patients Have to Say About the Visian ICLâ„¢
The Visian ICL, often referred to as an implantable contact lens, is inserted into the eye during a short surgical procedure. Unlike LASIK or PRK, the Visian ICL implantation does not permanently change the shape of the eye. Also, the Visian ICL may improve your quality of vision better than many other refractive procedures.

Read more about the vision correction power of the Visian ICL.

Advantages of the VISIAN ICLâ„¢

STAAR Surgical Company’s Visian ICL can correct a wider range of myopia than LASIK or PRK. Also, if necessary, the phakic IOL can be removed.

After it has been implanted, the Visian ICL is invisible to you and others. It also requires no maintenance.

The safety of the Visian ICL is proven. The implantable Collamer lens has been successfully implanted in over 55,000 eyes worldwide.

collamerThe Visian ICL is made from Collamer, a collagen copolymer. Collagen is the same naturally occurring substance present in all of our connective tissue and the eye. It is highly biocompatible and not recognized as a foreign object as a result of its unique makeup.

The results of this new vision correction alternative are outstanding. Over 99 percent of patients in the clinical trial were satisfied with their vision after the Visian ICL procedure.

Quality of Vision
visian quality lasik.thumbnailThere is a difference between visual acuity (20/20 vision is deemed as normal visual acuity) and visual quality. Many refractive procedures offer the promise of improved visual acuity, but the quality of your vision may vary based on the procedure you choose.

STAAR Surgical Company’s Visian ICL has a proven track record of improved quality of vision. When compared to other refractive surgical procedures, the Visian ICL creates sharper vision. The immediate improvement of vision quality produces the “WOW” factor in patients.

The “high definition” quality of vision produced by the Visian ICL makes this proven, technologically advanced vision correction procedure the choice for patients who need and expect high quality results. The U.S. military has embraced the Visian ICL because of the visual clarity it achieves. This feature also makes the implantable Collamer lens the choice for patients with an active lifestyle and those who cannot accept anything less than high quality vision.