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Ellie C. San Jose

I am surprised that the only rating on this place is a poor one-star. I had Lasik surgery done by Dr. Steve Turner 6 years ago and loved the result (But in his San Jose office). The staffs in his office are extremely professional and calmed my nervous mind during my 1st visit. And I decided to go ahead and schedule the surgery immediately. Dr. Steve Turner is also voted as 100 top doctors in the Bay area. He was recommended to me by my coworker who had his eyes done at least 10 years ago. After my surgery, many of my friends have their Lasik done by Dr. Turner and got excellent results. I can’t recommend more about Dr. Turner and I think if u are looking for a doctor for Lasik, he is THE one. I do agree that Dr. Turner is not the social type and he doesn’t talk much, but who cares? The result speaks for everything!