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Crystalens Available in San Jose

People in San Jose often wonder what the newest procedure is that is available. San Jose residents ask if there is a way to get rid of reading glasses. They also want to know if science will have cure the need for cataract surgery. Crystalens is one option that many people don’t know about.

Previous to crystalens, vision correction surgery (including cataract surgery) did not assist a patient in focusing at both near and far. LASIK would allow near vision if the patient was young enough (under 40) or if a technique called monovision was used. Unfortunately, not everyone can have LASIK and in cases where cataracts are a problem, LASIK cannot fix a person’s vision problems.

With Crystalens, San Jose patients have a better option. Crystalens has a hinge which allows for the patient to focus naturally at near and far. This unique construction is FDA approved and has been used for years to help patients suffering from presbyopia or cataracts. It is also used for patients with near-sightedness or far-sightedness when safety is a concern and when LASIK may not be the best choice.

Dr. Turner was the first to perform the Crystalens procedure in San Jose and is among the most experienced in the Bay Area. San Jose patients realize that choosing an experienced surgeon with a long record of successs is important. If you are a San Jose or San Francisco Bay Area resident and are interested in LASIK or Crystalens, contact Turner Eye Institute.

Our surgery consultants can provide valuable information about LASIK and Crystalens. With our new state-of-the-art facility in the San Jose area, we can offer the highest level of service. Call now to start your journey to better vision at both near and far.