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Advanced new LASIK technology

Turner Eye Institute is the first LASIK center in Northern California to begin using the advanced new Allegretto Excimer Laser System. It is the fastest laser system available and can perform LASIK treatments in 50% less time than its leading competitors. Faster treatments lead to less surgery time and less chance of complications. It also allows for speedier recovery and more accurate healing.

Turner Eye Institute is a leader in LASIK surgery and has introduced Visian, Crystalens, Wavefront LASIK treatments, and more the the San Francisco Bay Area. Dr. Stephen Turner provides experience and reliability and has a long record of providing safe and accurate procedures. With more than 30,000 treatments, Dr. Stephen Turner is one of the preferred surgeons in California.

Turner Eye Institute has offices in San Francisco, San Leandro (in the East Bay between Oakland and Fremont and Hayward), Concord (near Walnut Creek), and San Jose.

Turner Eye Institute is a comprehensive eye surgery center and provides a multitude of different procedures that are tailored to fit the needs of the patient. Not every patient is a good candidate for LASIK and LASIK is not the best choice for every patient. If oyu are interested in LASIK or laser eye surgery contact our office.