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LASIK Technology in San Francisco, San Jose, and the East Bay Area

LASIK today is far advanced from where it was 10 years ago. A simple look at the FDA results of excimer lasers just 10 years ago, shows that major improvements have been made in LASIK eye surgery. What changes have occurred?

Eyetracking – Early lasers did not have eye trackers. Eye tracking technology has improved over the past decade. Turner Eye Institute has upgraded all lasers to the newest eyetracking technology.

Wavefront – Early lasers could only correct for near-sightedness and sometimes astigmatism. Newer upgrades can now correct for many types of corneal aberrations and can provide a level of accuracy that was impossible just a decade ago.

Smaller spot size – smaller laser treatments increase the accuracy of the entire treatment.

Faster treatments – the frequency of the excimer laser has increased to shorten treatment times. Shorter treatments are safer for the patient and cause less dehydration of the tissue.

Better nomograms – excimer laser manufacturers have improved the formulas they use to offer a more exact treatment to LASIK patients.

Better surgeons – Surgeons who started a decade ago have now been performing the procedure for 10 years. Experience is important in any procedure, including LASIK.

Dr. Stephen Turner has been performing LASIK since it was introduced to the San Francisco Bay Area. Turner Eye Institute has continually upgraded its LASIK equipment and offers the newest and most accurate LASIK treatment available.