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San Jose as a prime location for LASIK Surgery

Silicon Valley is a major center for technology and is well-regarded across the globe. In addition to software and other computer technologies, the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley are major hubs for medical care and medical technologies. It is not surprising that San Jose, the East Bay, and San Francisco would provide advanced laser vision and refractive surgery technologies.

Dr. Stephen Turner is recognized by his peers as one of the top Laser Vsion Correction Providers in California. He has been performing the safe and effective procedure since it was FDA approved and has performed more than 30,000 vision correction procedures during his more than 30 years in practice. Patients who choose Dr. Turner recognize that experience is an important aspect of choosing a skilled surgeon and many are referred by other eye doctors and optometrists throughout the bay area.

Dr. Turner has pioneered many of the most advanced procedures in the San Francisco Bay Area and San Jose and was the first surgeon in Northern California to perform a significant number of advanced vision procedures. In addition to LASIK, Dr. Turner offers a variety of other options that can be customized to fit the needs of each patient. While LASIK has proven to be safe and effective, many times a patient can receive more satisfactory vision with other advanced procedures that are now available.