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An Enlightening Alternative to LASIK Eye Surgery

LASIK surgery is a term that covers a spectrum of eye surgeries which are performed to correct various types of refractive errors. It is usually what people who no longer wish to wear glasses or contact lenses turn to first. Unfortunately, not everyone is a candidate for the umbrella-term procedure; individuals can be rejected for LASIK surgery based upon the presence of certain eye conditions and being under the age of 18.

Luckily, for those who do not qualify, there are a few alternatives to LASIK eye surgery. Some of these alternatives are more common than others, like Photo Refractive Keratectomy, a specialty at Turner Eye Institute that has benefitted many of our patients in the San Jose, Oakland and Concord areas.

What is PRK?

Photo Refractive Keratectomy (PRK) is a type of laser eye surgery that corrects a variety of refractions from mild and moderate nearsightedness to astigmatisms. It is the suitable choice for those who have unusually thin or flat corneas, which can be a disqualifying factor for LASIK surgery.

Like many other eye surgeries, there are advantages and disadvantages to PRK. It has been proven to be highly accurate and reliable for the correction of nearsightedness. There are a few side effects and disadvantages to consider with this form of eye surgery such as the possibility of a mild glare and the need to continuing wearing glasses or contact lenses.

The Procedure

During PRK, an eye surgeon reshapes the cornea with a laser. After the procedure is performed, a soft contact lens is placed over the eye to assist the re-growth of the outer layer. This usually takes about three to five days, during which the patient may be susceptible to discomfort and blurred vision. Typically, PRK takes longer than LASIK to achieve the desired result.

Is PRK the right eye surgery for you?

While the preferred choice for many folks is LASIK surgery, Photo Refractive Keratectomy is a common alternative and highly effective eye surgery.

If you are interested in eye surgery in San Jose, as well as the Oakland and Concord areas, speak with a Turner Eye Institute professional today to find out which form of eye surgery is right for you.