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Hi-definition LASIK & PRK LASIK – Powered by the Allegretto Wave Excimer

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Serving San Leandro, Concord and Castro Valley

LASIK surgery at Turner Eye Institute takes vision to a sharper image than ever before. Our eye doctor uses breakthrough technologies, such as the Allegretto WAVE Eye-Q Excimer Laser System (by Alcon), to reshape your cornea precisely and correct refractive error.

This advanced system enables you to benefit from a hi-definition laser eye surgery that promotes superior visual outcomes and a lower rate of complications.

Custom LASIK = Optimum Vision Correction

In our eye care offices in Castro Valley, Concord, and San Leandro, Dr. Chirag Patel uses the most progressive bladeless custom wavefront-guided technology available. In fact, our hi-definition LASIK and PRK LASIK equipment is the only one approved by NASA and the military. Read on for a basic explanation of what makes LASIK at Turner Eye Institute a premium laser eye surgery solution.

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How Does An Excimer Laser Work?

These revolutionary lasers emit a cool beam of high energy UV light pulses that remove microscopic amounts of tissue from your cornea. Pre-programmed, individualized settings guide the computerized excimer laser to reshape your cornea in a way that resolves your specific refractive error. The hi-definition accuracy enables this whole reshaping to be done without causing any damage to surrounding tissues.

If your LASIK in San Leandro, Concord, and Castro Valley aims to correct nearsightedness, the excimer laser will flatten your cornea. To correct farsightedness, it will steepen your corneal curve. To resolve astigmatism, the laser can smooth your irregular cornea into a more spherical shape.

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What Makes The Allegretto Wave Better?

The Allegretto Wave excimer system uses an innovative laser with high-speed eye tracking built-in. This system follows eye movements to precisely confirm location before directing the laser light pulses on your cornea. Also, an automatic centering mode and an integrated cross-line projector are used to align your head and eye positions perfectly. Then, the Allegretto Wave removes corneal tissue smoothly and quickly (average correction time is only 2 seconds per diopter!), leaving no ridges or grooves. A closed-loop energy control is built-in to the laser so that the flow of energy remains constant and stable, thereby enhancing safety and accuracy even further.

With standard LASIK, patients may experience the side effects of high order aberrations – such as trouble with night vision, glare, seeing starbursts, and ghosting (similar to double vision). However, with use of the Allegretto Wave system, we are able to perform a fully customized reshaping of your corneal surface that does not lead to these aberrations. After undergoing hi-definition LASIK at Turner Eye Institute, many of our patients tell us they have never seen better before – even with eyeglasses and contact lenses.

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With this state-of-the-art technology, our hi-definition LASIK and PRK LASIK surgeries in Concord, Castro Valley, and San Leandro are safer and more efficient, with greater predictability and reliability – especially when compared to conventional, old-fashioned LASIK and other refractive procedures. In sum, the visual outcomes are healthy and exceptional. What more could you want from your laser eye surgery?!