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To Our Valued Patients,

With the evolving situation of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and under the guidelines of the Health Officer of the Alameda and Contra-Costa Counties, our offices are open to provide eye and vision care.

Please keep in mind that in order to maintain social distancing protocols and to limit further transmission of the virus, we will be working with a reduced staff and seeing a fewer number of patients as compared to our “normal” schedule. Priority will be given to the most urgent medical cases. We will be implementing a number of measures (including altered check-in/check-out procedures, limiting the number of patients in the office and waiting room, face covering for all persons, temperature screening, etc) that will change your experience in the office. In addition, we will be ramping up our already strict disinfection policies and we will continue to monitor and abide by all local, state and, federal guidelines. Please bear with us through this new reality as these changes are designed to protect you and our staff.

We hope to see you soon and appreciate your trust in us to continue to meet your eye care needs. Stay safe and stay healthy!

The Turner Eye Institute Team

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Financing & Insurance

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We are pleased to offer LASIK vision correction surgery as well as many other eye surgeries and professional eye care services. Our eye surgeons are two of the best in the Bay Area. Visit our convenient offices in San Leandro, Concord, and Castro Valley to experience our superior standard of patient-centric care.

It can be complex to navigate your financing options for LASIK, cross-linking, LipiFlow, and other eye procedures. Our knowledgeable staff has compiled the following Q & A to help explain different ways to finance your procedure, and please contact us with any additional questions you may have about financing.

Does Health Insurance Pay for LASIK?

It is unlikely that your health insurance policy includes coverage for refractive surgery unless it is regarded as the only medical option for treating a serious eye condition.

In general, health insurers will only pay for eyeglasses or contact lenses to correct vision. The insurance companies have defined LASIK as a cosmetic surgery, and therefore it does not qualify for health insurance coverage.

What Are Some Ways to Pay for LASIK?

At present, the cost of LASIK can range from $1000 to $3000 per eye. There is no fixed rate for this surgery, and the final price depends on your eye doctor, as well as on your vision prescription. This cost may leave you wide-eyed, wondering how to pay for the procedure. We offer the following helpful suggestions:

  • Vision Insurance

If you have a vision policy included within your health insurance plan, it will probably have an arrangement with a local eye care practice that offers LASIK. Sometimes there are discounts and partnerships with specific eye care providers. Contact your insurance provider to look into this.

  • Pay Out-of-Pocket

If you choose this financing option, many eye doctors will be able to offer a monthly payment plan. Also, some LASIK providers offer a steep discount if you pay in full in cash.

  • FSA - Flexible Spending Account

LASIK counts as an eligible expense for your FSA. In addition, using your full FSA balance towards LASIK will give you a big tax saving.

  • Union or Labor Health Insurance

When corrected vision is considered necessary for employment, your labor union health insurance will often pay for LASIK. Check the details of your policy.

  • Medicare and Medicaid

Unless LASIK is medically necessary, Medicare and Medicaid will not pay for it. However, sometimes these insurance providers contract with an external company to cover vision benefits at specific eye doctors.

  • Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard

Glasses and contact lenses are not always suitable for the tasks of the armed forces. PRK is typically more common than LASIK in the military, but both types of surgery are available. Be forewarned that you may need to be put on a waitlist for this procedure.

Will My Insurance Pay for Corneal Cross-linking?

Cross-linking is an FDA-approved procedure to strengthen the cornea if it has been weakened by keratoconus or another corneal condition. For an increasing number of patients, insurance plans are covering cross-linking. Note that the epi-off procedure is the only one that has received FDA-approval for progressive keratoconus, and therefore many insurance companies will only cover this particular treatment (and not epi-on). Contact your insurance provider for more information.

Can I Bill My Insurance for LipiFlow for Dry Eye Treatment?

Currently, LipiFlow is not included in the coverage provided by most insurance plans. Our eye doctor can try to bill your insurance company for the cost of your specialized dry eye exam, however, we cannot guarantee that they will authorize coverage.

More questions about financing and insurance? Contact our eye care offices in San Leandro, Concord, and Castro Valley! Our staff will be pleased to assist you.