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Halloween Madness in San Francisco and San Jose

As part of the Halloween festivities this year in the San Francisco Bay Area, I visited the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, CA for the flashlight tours. While I enjoyed the activity, as did those who went with me, the supposed haunted mansion was less than frightening. The Winchester Mystery House is one of the historic sites of San Jose and each year thousands of San Jose residents and visitors to San Jose walk through the tours.

During the flashlight tours, the guides take you through the house with only a flashlight as a light source. Unfortunately, the groups are large and they leave every 7 minutes. While I enjoyed seeing this historic San Jose landmark, it was not the Halloween Frightfest I had hoped it would be.

Tonight I will be going to San Francisco, CA. I have been Mission before on Halloween night and this year will go back. There are always thousands of San Francisco and Bay Area residents who attend the celebration, dressed up as pirates, witches, or other Halloween Costume. This makes San Francisco an exciting place to visit for Halloween night.

Look forward to seeing any others who will attend. Good luck and Happy Halloween. Remember to be careful.