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LASIK in San Jose


San Jose LASIK has been extremely popular during the past decade. During this time, many in San Jose have discovered that they are not good candidates for LASIK or that the LASIK results may not offer them the success rates that they feel comfortable with. For San Jose patients with high prescription, dry eyes, large pupils, or thin corneas LASIK may not offer the best possible results. Dr. Turner is the only LASIK surgeon in San Jose to offer the most advanced Visian treatment as an option to LASIK surgery.

With over 30 years of experience, Dr. Stephen Turner has been providing LASIK and refractive surgery to residents of the San Francisco Bay Area. With offices in San Jose, Concord, San Francisco, and San Leandro, Turner Eye Insitute is able to provide serve throughout the area, including the South Bay. Dr. Turner is currently the only LASIK surgeon certified to perform the Visian procedure in the San Francisco Bay Area. There are no other surgeon to date that have been certified in San Jose, San Francisco, East Bay, or Concord (including Walnut Creek).

San Jose residents have the opportunity to receive this new treatment with one of the most experienced LASIK surgeons in the bay area. If you are a resident of San Jose and are interested in LASIK eye surgery or the advanced Visian treatment please contact Turner Eye Institute, with offices in San Jose, San Leandro, San Francisco, and Concord. Our location in San Jose is located at 455 O’Connor Dr. San Jose patients can have initial consultations and LASIK screenings at this location. LASIK screenings are offered free of charge at our location in San Jose.