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LASIK Surgery – Tips for the Aftermath

If you are looking to restore your eyesight and finally leave the glasses or contacts behind for good, it may be time to consider taking advantage of life changing LASIK surgery. Keep in mind that healing from the surgery takes time and patience to ensure that your eye fully recovers from the dramatic transformation. Because healing properly is so important as well as the final step in the process, we would like to offer a few tips to help ensure the best results possible.

Keep objects & irritants away from the eyes
Avoid allowing any foreign substances in or near the eyes. Applying cosmetics, soaps and sprays should be avoided in the immediate aftermath of your LASIK surgery. Likewise, refrain from entering areas where dust or other substances might be present in the air. Your eyes are healing, so keeping objects and potential irritants away will help keep the area around your eyes clean and reduce risk of disturbing the healing process.

Wear eye protection
Some types of LASIK surgery will leave you more sensitive to light than usual, typically for a brief period following the surgery. Wearing sunglasses when you go outdoors can go a long way toward protecting your eyes from bright light and avoiding discomfort.

Follow the doctor’s instructions
The single most important thing you can do following any surgical procedure is follow your doctor’s instructions. This includes every step of the process, from arranging your post-surgery transportation to taking only approved medications to ease any discomfort following your LASIK surgery. Following up with your eye surgeon is also vital to ensure that proper healing is underway.

A few simple steps, combined with detailed instructions from your surgeon can make all the difference when it comes to getting the most out of your LASIK surgery. Contact Turner Eye Care today for life altering LASIK eye surgery in San Jose, Concord, Oakland and throughout the Bay Area. It can improve your eyesight and keep your eyes healthy for years to come. Find out today if LASIK surgery is right for you.