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In the past, glasses or contact lenses provided the traditional source of correction for imperfect vision for people living in San Francisco and the Bay Area as laser vision correction was unavailable. Glasses are relatively trouble free and many people in San Francisco and other areas regard them as a fashion accessory to enhance their appearance. The desire to be free of glasses or contact lenses has inspired laser vision correction surgeons and others to develop surgical alternatives for refractive correction. The most common surgical alternatives are the various laser vision correction procedures, which include LASIK, PRK, and LASEK. In San Francisco and other areas, laser vision correction is among the most popular forms of eye surgery and has produced excellent results. As there are many forms of laser vision correction in San Francisco and the surrounding area, it is important that those seeking this type of correction realize what is available. By knowing the various forms of laser vision correction that are available, one can also select from among the best surgeons for their needs.

What is TF-LASIK?

At Turner Eye Institute we are proud to announce the development of an advanced laser vision correction procedure in the San Francisco area, it is known as TF-LASIK. With over 5000 procedures this new technique has demonstrated itself as a safer form of the laser vision correction procedure. In TF-LASIK more of the patients cornea is left untouched by the laser vision correction procedure. This reduces the risk of corneal ectasia, a type of distortion of the cornea. In addition, this new laser vision correction technique has demonstrated a faster visual recovery, and less postoperative dryness.

TF-LASIK is only available in the San Francisco Bay Area (including San Jose, Concord, and the East Bay) and only at Turner Eye Institute.

Conventional TF-LASIK

Laser Assisted in-Situ Keratomileusis (LASIK), combines the precision of the excimer laser delivery system with the benefits of a sophisticated surgical instrument known as a microkeratome. The microkeratome (with a special T-80 head) glides across the cornea, producing an incomplete circular flap which is still attached to the cornea. The flap is laid back to expose the corneal bed. The excimer laser, equipped with both tracking technology, follows minute movements of the eye while reshaping the exposed cornea with computer controlled precision. Afterwards, the flap is returned to its normal position. The entire procedure takes less than 20 minutes. Healing is rapid and does not require sutures. Thousands of patients in the San Francisco Bay Area are enjoying clear, unrestricted laser vision correction thanks to Conventional TF-LASIK.



VISX – CustomVue®
Autonomous – LADARVISION®
Custom Cornea®

With the addition of Custom TF-LASIK, we have entered a new era in laser vision correction. Setting a new standard for laser vision correction in San Francisco, Custom TF-LASIK acknowledges that your vision is unique – as personal as your fingerprint or your DNA.

Custom TF-LASIK is a form of laser vision correction that utilizes either the VISX S4, WaveFront Platform or the LADARVISION Custom Cornea Platform. This new digital laser vision correction technology identifies and measures unique imperfections in your eye 25 times more precisely than is possible with conventional methods. Many of these imperfections could never be measured before by standard methods used for glasses and contact lenses.

Laser vision correction is performed in the usual manner of LASIK; however, during Custom TF-LASIK, the laser is programmed with the patient’s digital information, giving a laser vision correction treatment that is precise, accurate, and tailored to their individual visual needs. Custom TF-LASIK can help individuals achieve their best possible vision, typically 20/20 or better.*

For those wishing to have laser vision correction Turner Eye Institute provides excellent locations with the newest technology and most recent advances. Turner Eye Institute patients can expect to receive the best care at an affordable cost. We would also like to encourage you to make an appointment with one of our laser vision correction counselors in San Francisco or another one of our Bay Area locations so that we can more accurately assist you in advising whether laser vision correction or another treatment is best for you. Although laser vision correction is the most popular eye surgery performed in the San Francisco Bay Area, there are in fact many types of eye surgeries and perhaps laser vision correction eye surgery is not the best for you individually. At Turner Eye Institute, we often match our laser vision correction patients to another one of our procedures that can provide them better results for their lifestyle. Recent advances in LASIK eye surgery technology can be found at all of Turner Eye Institute’s clinics in Concord, San Jose, San Leandro and the East Bay.