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Sports-Related Eye Injuries

6 Myths About LASIK

Is School Work Causing Computer Vision Syndrome in Your Child?

Summer Heat Wave and Your Eyes

UV Safety Awareness Month

Top 4 Eyecare Tips for Summer Vacation

Cataract Awareness Month

Help! My Child Doesn’t Want to Wear Glasses!

Get Ready for Summer, Get LASIK

What is PRK?

Mental Health and Your Vision

Am I a good candidate for PRK?

3 Q’s You Need to Ask Your LASIK Surgeon

Parkinson’s Awareness Month and Your Vision

Top 5 Tips for Managing Eye Allergies This Spring

Women’s Health and Your Vision

What’s in Your Household Cleaning Supplies?

What’s the Connection Between Corneal Cross-linking and Your Local Deli?

School and Vision: 2 Important Partners

Can staring at a computer screen really damage my eyes?

What You Need to Know About Glaucoma – The Sneak Thief of Sight

World Braille Day 2019

Are Nerf Guns a Dangerous Holiday Present?

8 Tips to Relieve Winter Dry Eyes

Diabetes and Your Eyes

Have an Eye Safe Halloween

Exercise and Your Eye Health

Is Too Much Screen Time Dangerous For Your Kids?

Healthy Aging for the Eyes

Pink, Stinging Eyes?

Eye Dangers in the Dorm – Eye Health for College Students

Why You Shouldn’t Rub Your Eyes

Ocular Migraines

How-to Guide for Buying Sunglasses

Sports Vision Deconstructed

7 Eye Symptoms You Shouldn't Ignore

Women’s Eye Health – 7 Tips for Optimal Vision for Life

Ultraviolet Light and your Eyes

Should I Be Concerned When My Eyelid Twitches?

Signs of Eye and Vision Problems in Infants

AMD Awareness Could Save Your Vision

Trouble Seeing at Night? All About Night Blindness

The Sneak Thief of Sight

Don’t Let Snow Blindness Ruin Your Winter Vacation

6 Crazy Holiday Eye Injuries to Avoid

10 Eye Healthy Foods to Eat This Year

Women and Diabetes – World Diabetes Day

What You Need to Know to Help World Blindness

Halloween Eye Safety

Inside a Life With Color Vision Deficiency

Welcome to our New Website

Pink, Stinging Eyes?

How to Safely View the Great American Eclipse of 2017

Are Your Eyes Sensitive to Light?

Got a Shiner!

Cataract Awareness and Prevention

Are You Ignoring Your Dry Eyes?

Does Smoking Affect Vision?

Sjogren’s Awareness Month – Understanding The Invisible Disease 

April is Women's Eye Health and Safety Month

The Right (and the Wrong) Way to Clean Your Glasses

It’s Time to Talk About Blue Light

Understanding Eye Color

6 Ways to Prevent Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD)

Are You Missing Your Child’s Hidden Vision Problem?

"The Sneak Thief of Sight" Is On Our Minds This January

Holiday Season Shopping: Are Nerf Guns Safe for the Eyes?

Dry Eye Syndrome Causes and Cures

November is Diabetes Awareness Month

Don’t Let Fall Eye Allergies Get You Down

How Contact Lenses Can be a Danger to your Eyes

An Active and Eye Safe Lifestyle

10 Tips to Teach Children About Eye Safety

When 20/20 Vision isn't Enough For Your Child

Cutting Edge Eye-dentification

Innovations in Color Blindness

Poolside Eye Safety

Cataract Awareness Month: What to Expect from Cataract Surgery

Sunwear for a Bright Future

How UV Damages Your Eyes

What is a stye anyway?

Eye Allergies

Bifocal and Multifocal Contact Lenses 

Workplace Eye Wellness: The Dangers of Blue Light

Preventing Age-related Macular Degeneration

Resolve to Prevent Glaucoma in 2016

Why Do We Need Glasses?

Eye Safe Toys and Gifts for This Holiday Season

How Do We See?

How to Prevent Diabetic Vision Loss

Decorative Lenses Could Cost You Your Vision

It's Time to Be Serious About Home Eye Safety

6 Common Eye Myths Debunked

Protective Sports Eyewear is a Serious Matter

How Pregnancy Affects Vision

Is Your Baby’s EyeSight Developing Normally?

Guidelines For Picking the Right Pair of Shades

6 Things You Need To Know About Cataracts

What You Need to Know About Firework Eye Safety

An Enlightening Alternative to LASIK Eye Surgery

What to Expect from Cataract Eye Surgery – Before and After

What to Look for in an Eye Surgeon

LASIK Surgery – Tips for the Aftermath

LASIK Surgery-FAQs

LASIK Eye Surgery, The Prep and the Post-Op

Vanessa G. San Francisco

Rich F. San Ramon

What Unimpeded Sunlight can do to Your Eyesight

Rich F. San Ramon

Chris F. Milpitas

History of Excellence at Turner Eye Institute

Adam L. Albany

Richard S. Alameda

Adam H. Richmond

Congrats to Golden State Warrior’s Stephen Curry for winning NBA Skills Challenge

The San Francisco Bay Area Celebrates the Championship of the San Francisco Giants

Bay Area Golden State Warriors win opening game

Congratulations to the San Francisco Giants

San Francisco Giants win again!

Go San Francisco Giants

Self-Improvements Investment with Tax Returns

How Can I Pay for LASIK?

San Jose as a prime location for LASIK Surgery

LASIK as an Indicator of the State of the Economy

Lattise: An FDA Approved Eyelash Treatment

LASIK Technology in San Francisco, San Jose, and the East Bay Area

Staff Appreciation Party

2009 Official LASIK Surgeon for the Golden State Warriors

Same Experienced Surgeon, New Location in San Jose

Wavefront LASIK and Presbyopia (Old Eyes)

LASIK Technology has allowed laser eye surgery to progress

First Optimized Wavefront 400 Hz Allegretto Excimer Laser LASIK in Northern California

Happy 4th of July

Advanced new LASIK technology

Wavefront Optimized versus Wavefront Customized

Why Wavefront LASIK Laser Vision Correction?

Corneal Cross-linking with Riboflavin for Keratoconus

San Leandro/Oakland LASIK Patient could not be happier

San Francisco Bay Area Patient Loves the Results

LASIK Review in San Jose

LASIK in San Jose and the San Francisco Bay Area

Crystalens Available in San Jose

Oakland LASIK Surgeon

Many Options in Vision Corrective Surgery, not just LASIK

San Jose LASIK Branch Moving to new San Jose location

Emerging LASIK Technology

10/10, 20/20, 30/30 Special Pricing

Ellie C. San Jose

Age Related Macular Degeneration

Scientists Plan Stem Cell Cure for Blindness

LASIK Oakland

Changing focus

Visian ICL edges up on LASIK for high myopes in the San Francisco Bay Area

Amercian Academy of Ophthalmology Advice on Caring for Elderly

Advances in LASIK Eye Surgery

Presbyopia (Old Eyes) Vision Correction

LASIK and the New Year 2007

Bay Area Wavefront LASIK Treatment corrects Higher Order Aberrations

One Millionth blade-free LASIK procedure

Intralase – Blades LASIK – for San Jose LASIK Patients

San Leandro / East Bay Surgeon Celebrates 30th Anniversary

What is included in a Comprehensive Eye Health Examination?

Visian ICL is providing new options for highly myopic eyes

Visian opens new website at

Election Day – Get Out and Vote

Color and Cosmetic Contact Lenses for Halloween

Halloween Madness in San Francisco and San Jose

Best of Fremont – LASIK Vision Correction and Best Doctor

Near Vision Loss is Correctable – Crystalens, ReStor, Rezoom

What is safer LASIK or contact lenses?

Study shows LASIK can be affected by heat and humidity

San Jose resident with glaucoma wanting LASIK

Doctors Cut Repeat LASIK Visits Dramatically

LASIK Results in San Francisco and San Francisco Bay Area

San Jose resident with glaucoma wanting LASIK

Flomax can cause difficulties with Cataracts

Vision Gear Bypasses the Eye

LASIK and custom cornea experience

Death and Taxes. Even in LASIK Surgery.

Visian Implantable ICL approved and implanted in China

Independent LASIK Centers vs LASIK Chains

Keratoconus in San Jose

VISX Star S4 Excimer Laser System for LASIK in San Jose and San Francisco

San Jose LASIK and Excimer Laser technology

Hayward LASIK

Flomax and Eye Surgery

Sports, Soccer, LASIK, Mixed Martial Arts, Football, Boxing

Visian Update

LASIK vs Epi-K

San Jose LASIK Center receives Pentacam

Recent Advances in Vision Correction

LASIK, Health, and Wellness

LASIK Patients in San Jose, San Francisco extremely satisfied with Turner Eye Institute

LASIK at 4 Locations – San Jose, San Francisco, Concord, and San Leandro

What’s New in San Jose LASIK

Info for men taking flomax and having cataract surgery

Bay Area Keratoconus Web Site Complete

San Jose, Soccer, Football, and LASIK

San Jose, Soccer, Football, and LASIK

LASIK and Sports in the San Francisco Bay Area

LASIK San Jose

Label Change for Flomax Following Report of Cataract Surgery Complications

American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery issues warning on use of Flomax

American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery issues warning on use of Flomax

Link between Flomax use and Cataract Intraoperative Complications

Advancements in Eye Surgeries in the 21st Century

Iris Registration for LASIK Eye Surgery

VISIAN Offers Many Advantages over LASIK Surgery

Frequently Asked Questions for Visian ICL

Increased Interest in Implantable Contact Lenses – Visian ICL

LASIK vs Visian

LASIK in San Jose

Visian ICL Reaches 50,000 Mark

FAQ about Fusarium Keratitis

Information on Fusarium Keratitis for KFAX listeners

Free LASIK Eye Surgery

Implantable Contact Lenses in San Francisco Bay Area

Advantages of LASIK vs Contact Lenses

Links to Information on Renu Contact Lens Solution

Renu Contact Lens Solution

New Keratoconus Website

Santa Clara Optometric Society Meeting

LASIK in San Jose

LASIK Glossary

Dr. JoAnn Dahlkoetter loves her Crystalens surgery

Turner Eye Institute’s 30th Anniversary

Turner Eye Institute at Stepping Out Women’s Conference

Doctor Turner Introduces Newest Technology to LASIK Surgeons

First in Bay Area to offer VISIAN treatment

New Visian Technology may replace LASIK in some cases

Myths, Risks, and Rewards of LASIK Eye Surgery