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Allegretto Wave


Equipped with all the advantages of the proven ALLEGRETTO WAVE® technology, the ALLEGRETTO WAVE® Eye-Q is one step further towards optimum laser vision correction. Designed to work in perfect harmony with other diagnostic and surgical products from the WaveLight range, the Eye-Q provides both physician and patient with a higher level of safety and reliability.

Wavefront Optimization

Its state-of-the-art technology provides superior results with WaveLight's Wavefront Optimized approach. ALLEGRETTO WAVE® lasers are the only systems to use Wavefront Optimized ablation profiles as part of their treatments. The use of Wavefront Optimized ablation prevents or reduces the induction of spherical aberrations. This results in a better night vision and less sensitivity to glare.

The natural shape of the human cornea is aspheric. This means that all light rays meet in one sharp focus point. Therefore the ALLEGRETTO WAVE laser systems perform an ablation with the objective of maintaining a natural postoperative corneal shape, thereby preserving the cornea's asphercity. Every treatment is customized to the patient's individual refraction and corneal curvature.


Featuring additional technological innovations, such as an enhanced pulse frequency of 400 Hz, a cross line projector and an eye-tracking system adjusted to the high speed of the laser beam, the ALLEGRETTO WAVE® Eye-Q offers the physician the opportunity of choosing the very best treatment for the patient available today.


The ALLEGRETTO WAVE® Eye-Q works with a pulse frequency of 400 Hz. This results in a correction time of only 2 seconds per diopter (considering a fully corrected optical zone of 6.5 mm). Thus, the average myopia correction takes about as little time as pouring a cup of coffee.

The rapid repetition rate also results in expedited vision regeneration, more comfort for the patient and a minimization of influences from the external environment. Another advantage of both faster treatments and fewer post-treatment requirements is an optimized patient flow.

Speed is important for several reasons, but mainly because it increases outcome predictability and reduces the incidence of postoperative complications. Rapid treatment allows for the correction to take place while the eye is relatively dry, which can improve outcomes. It is also helpful with the treatment of patients who have higher prescriptions since their procedure is more time-intensive and this laser allows for a shorter, more comfortable experience.

PerfectPulse Technology®

The ALLEGRETTO WAVE® Eye-Q operates at the high speed of 400 pulses per second. Each ultra-thin laser pulse is used to sculpt the corneal surface with the utmost precision. In order to further enhance the safety and precision of the treatment.

PerfectPulse Technology® uses advanced high-speed eye- tracking to follow the eye's fastest movements and to ensure an accurate placement of each laser pulse on the cornea.

Cross Line Projector & Cyclotorsion

Finding the eye's right treatment position and avoiding displacements caused by cyclotorsion is one of the most important factors in obtaining an excellent refractive outcome. The ALLEGRETTO WAVE® Eye-Q's integrated cross line projector provides the surgeon with an exact alignment of the eye's position.

The target diode which generates a red light crosshair on the patient's face, illustrating the correct position in coordination with the manual marks.

With the ALLEGRETTO WAVE® Eye-Q, you can also treat difficult cases or patients with a high cyclotorsion value up to 15% and still produce excellent results. This was demonstrated by the FDA clinical trials having a cornering predictability from ± 0.5 D

Active Eye-Tracking System

Using a fine laser beam at such high speed, the ALLEGRETTO WAVE® Eye-Q relies on its 400 Hz synchronous, video-based, active eye-tracker to follow even the fastest eye movements with a response time of less than 6 ms. As a pupil-based system, it tracks pupils between 1.8 mm and 8 mm, and the automatic centering mode ensures perfectly centered ablations.

The closed-loop tracking mode reconfirms the eye's location again before a pulse is placed on the cornea, to ensure that every pulse goes into the desired location. To monitor the patient's eye, the active eye-tracker utilizes three infrared light sources. Being infrared, the illumination sources cannot cause thermal heating.

The illumination sources are independent, meaning that the tracker will continue to work even if one of the pods is covered by the surgeon's hand or a sterile drape, and the gooseneck shape of the illumination pods prevents backscattering of surgery.

FDA Indications Summary

The ALLEGRETTO WAVE® Eye-Q is approved to treat myopia up to -12 diopters with astigmatism of up to -6 diopters and hyperopia up to +6 diopters with astigmatism of up to +5 diopters, not exceeding a mean spherical equivalent of +6 diopters. For more information about the benefits and risks associated with this product, please visit

The fastest excimer laser system in the U.S. - The Eye-Q Advantage

WaveLight was the first company to introduce high speed laser vision correction in the United States. Now, the ALLEGRETTO WAVE® Eye-Q takes the technology one step further with the fastest excimer laser system available today in the U.S. Operating at 400 HZ while applying 400 treatment pulses per second, many people can receive vision correction treatment in as little as 8 seconds, some even less.

Safety and Precision PerfectPulse Technology® ensures safe and precise work at a high speed. Each ultra-thin laser pulse is used to sculpt the corneal surface of the eye with the utmost precision.

The high-speed eye-tracker follows the eye's fastest movements, checking the eye's position 400 times per second while ensuring an accurate placement of each laser pulse on the cornea. An integrated crossline projector provides the surgeon an exact alignment of the eye's position. Technology designed to have 100% of patients freed from corrective lenses.

The ALLEGRETTO WAVE® Eye-Q customizes every treatment to the patient's individual prescription and CUSTOMIZED cornea while aiming to improve what nature originally designed.

The Wavefront OptimizedT treatment considers the unique curvature and biomechanics of the eye, preserving the quality of vision and addressing the spherical distortions that can induce glare and may affect night vision.

WaveLight technology is the 1st to show an improvement in optical performance resulting in a better quality of vision. Taking human sight beyond 20/20 is possible. The ALLEGRETTO WAVE® Eye-Q brings you closer to achieving your desire for perfect vision. This technology, built by WaveLight, represents a new generation in laser vision technology.

From the start, it was designed to provide custom treatments by incorporating wavefront principles into each procedure while adjusting the treatment to the patient's unique corneal curvature. The ALLEGRETTO WAVE® Eye-Q brings you closer to laser vision correction with patients seeing beyond 20/20.