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Laser Eye Surgery in the Bay Area can provide the highest level of experience, skill, and technology. Dr. Stephen Turner has performed more than 66,000 refractive and 20,000 small-incision cataract surgeries to date. Dr. Turner was one of the original FDA investigators for laser eye surgery in the bay area. Turner Eye Institute provides many types of laser eye surgery procedures in the bay area, including PRK, LASIK, Epi-LASEK, thin flap LASIK, Intralase, and Wavefront Custom LASIK. The patented thin flap LASIK provides the highest level of safety available for laser eye surgery in the bay area. Thin flap LASIK allows for a more accurate treatment and safer results with less effect of eye dryness and a faster recovery time. Laser eye surgery generally allows for very fast recovery and Bay Area residents often return to work within a couple days.

In addition, to providing laser eye surgery in the Bay Area, Turner Eye Institute also provides for a variety of other eye surgery procedures. In some cases a Bay Area patient does not qualify for laser eye surgery or else there is a better treatment available. Not every Bay Area patient should have laser eye surgery. In some cases, laser eye surgery may not be safe or there may be an option that provides greater vision satisfaction. While laser eye surgery is the most popular form of surgical vision correction in the Bay Area, there are other options. In addition to laser eye surgery, our Bay Area surgeon also performs cataract surgery, phakic IOL surgery (also known as implantable contact lenses such as Visian and Verisyse), accommodative IOLs (crystalens), and multifocal IOLs (such as Restor and ReZoom).

In some cases, such as keratoconus, laser eye surgery is not the best choice for a Bay Area resident. Turner Eye Institute provides intac surgery which helps to strengthen the cornea in keratoconus patients in the Bay Area. In these cases, laser eye surgery is simply not a good option.

Dr. Turner was the first San Francisco Bay Area surgeon to provide Crystalens, Visian, and Wavefront Thin Flap LASIK as well as other forms of laser eye surgery. Dr. Turner is a pioneer in the field of laser eye surgery and often introduces new laser eye surgery techniques and technology to the Bay Area.

If you are interested in laser eye surgery in the Bay Area, please contact one of our laser eye surgery coordinators at 1-800-339-2733. Turner Eye Institute provides laser eye surgery at 4 different Bay Area locations, serving San Leandro (between Oakland and Hayward), Concord (next to Walnut Creek), San Francisco, and San Jose. Each of the four locations provides the highest level of quality in laser eye surgery in the Bay Area. Our doctors' experience, skill, and technology are well-respected throughout the Bay Area and sought out for excellent results in the field of laser eye surgery.

  • On Turner Eye Institute’s website, you can discover more about some of the Bay Area’s most distinguished Bay Area LASIK correction providers and also gain valuable insights into the various technologies and services that are being offered within the Bay Area.